ARC Music


Afro-Mandinka Soul (Seckou Keita)

Algerian Raï (Cheb Nacim)

Arabic Songs from North Africa (Chalf Hassan)

Bazaar Marrakesh (Chalf Hassan)

Best of Hossam Ramzy, Vol. 2 (Hossam Ramzy)

Cairo Nights: Bellydance Bar [Import] (Hossam Ramzy)

Classical Egyptian Dance (Essam Rashad)

Drums of Burundi (Ensemble Folklorique Batimbo)

Egyptian Raï (Hossam Ramzy)

Exotic Voices and Rhythms of Black Africa (Amaduduzo)

Goema Music From Cape Town, South Africa (Barry VanZyl (Artiste), Bo Kaap Collective)

Hafla: Bellydance Party (Hossam Ramzy)

Latin American Hits For Bellydance (Hossam Ramzy)

Latin American Hits for Bellydance (Hossam Ramzy)

Legends of East Africa: The Original Recordings [Best of] (Orchestra Makassy)

Mali (Seckou Keita)

Mama Africa (Suzzana Owiyo)

Morocco: Traditional Songs & Music (Nour Eddine)

Sabla Tolo: Journeys into Pure Egyptian Percussion (Hossam Ramzy)

Senegal Urban Rhythms (Kasumai)

Siye Goli (Adzido)

Songs from Madagascar (Hanitra Ranaivo)

Songs from the Source of the Nile (Rachel Magoola)

The Best of Mohammed Abdul Wahab (Hossam Ramzy)

Traditional Songs & Dances (Adzido)

Traditional Zulu Music (Compilation)

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