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Lalcko's first contact with hip hop was established in 1990 when he lived in France. But it was when returning from France to his home-country Cameroon when he started to develop his rap in several local groups. With song such as "C'est la même pour ghettos de France, Yaoundé et les Yonkers" he wanted to show that the ghettos are the same all over the world. Back in France in 1998, Lalcko and the groups La Pieuvre and later Battle Mode Click, enters the rap game more seriously. His music is put on mix tapes (Poska, Cut Killer, Smoke) and on compilations (Offensive, Débarquement, Les Oubliés, 2 Source Sûre,..). With more experience he now goes solo and produces his own maxi "Blow". The confirmation of his talent is later shown on the second maxi from the album "Sang d'encre". He signs with the independent label 45 Scientific. With the release of his first maxi with them ("Les oiseaux se cachent pour tuer ") a larger public discovers his particular style with strong and violent lyrics. Lalcko a.k.a. "El commandente" is the "Black Rabah Madjer" of rap. Source :


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