Oumou Sangaré / World Circuit / 2004


Disque : 1
1. Ah Ndiya (Oh My Love)
2. Wayeina (An Exclamation of Enjoyment)
3. Mogo Te Diya Bee Ye (You Can't Please Everyone)
4. Magnoumako (Agony)
5. Dugu Kamalemba (The Womanizer, the Skirt-Chaser)
6. Saa Magni (Death Is Terrible)
7. Woula Bara Diagna (A Long Way Away)
8. Yala (Roaming About for No Good Reason)
9. Djorolen (Worry, Anxiety) [Remix]
10. Denko (The Business of Having Children)

Disque : 2
1. Maladon (Hospitality)
2. Diaraby Nene (The Shivers of Passion)
3. Sigi Kuruni (The Little Marriage Stool)
4. Ne Bi Fe (I Love You)
5. Laban (The End of a Human Being's Life)
6. Kayi Ni Wura (Good Evening to Everyone!)
7. Sabu (The Source)
8. Djorolen (Worry, Anxiety)
9. Baba (A Love Song for a Husband)
10. N'Guatu (The Straw That Grows in the Savannah Fields)

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Tata diakite - guebre ali

Quand j'ai connu la musik j'ai connu Oumou, j'aime beaucoup cette femme, et je passe des longuer de journées à l'écouter - aissata