Pops Mohamed

Inconnu / Afrique du Sud

Pops Mohamed was born in South Africa, raised in the small town of Benoni on the outskirts of Johannesburg. Pops was initiated into the worlds of both traditional music and jazz music, by his visits to Dorkay House, where from a young age he was exposed to giants like Kippie Moeketsi and Abdullah Ibrahim. At the age of 14 he formed his first group 'The Valiants', playing Kwela, Soul, Pop and Latin music. His next band, 'Children's Society' achieved his first hit in the townships, 'I'm a Married Man'. He then teamed up with Abdullah Ibrahim's saxophonist, Bazil 'Mannenberg' Coetzee and Sakhile's bassist, Sipho Gumede, landing a record contract which resulted in four distinct albums: 'Black Disco', 'Movement in the City', 'BM Movement' and 'Inner City Funk'.


Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow

How far have we come ?

Ancestral healing

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