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A Johnny Clegg and Juluka Collection (Johnny Clegg)

A Johnny Clegg and Juluka Collection (Juluka)

Acoustic Africa (Putumayo World Music)

Africa (Compilation)

Africa (Africa)

African Beat (Putumayo World Music)

African Dreamland (Putumayo World Music)

African Odyssey (Habib Koité)

African Odyssey (African Odyssey)

African Playground (Compilation)

Arabic Groove (Arabic Groove)

Baro (Habib Koité)

Cape Verde (Cape Verde)

Caribbean Playground (Compilation Caraïbes)

Galo negro (Sam Mangwana)

Homeland (Miriam Makeba)

Jazz Around the World (Putumayo World Music)

Ma ya (Habib Koité)

Mali / Kenya (Compilation)

Mali to Memphis (Compilation)

Mambo Yo Yo (Ricardo Lemvo)

Oliver Mtukudzi Collection [Best of] (Oliver Mtukudzi)

Paivepo (Oliver Mtukudzi)

Putumayo Presents: Women of the World - Acoustic [Compilation (Putumayo World Music)

Putumayo World Party (Putumayo World Music)

Samba Bossa Nova (Compilation)

Sao Salvador (Ricardo Lemvo)

South Africa (Putumayo World Music)

South African Legends (South African Legends)

The Dalom Kids & Splash Collection (Dalom Kids)

The Dalom Kids & Splash Collection (Splash)

The Toure Kunda collection (Touré Kunda)

Tuku Music (Oliver Mtukudzi)

Vhunze Moto (Oliver N'Goma)

Women Of Africa (Compilation)

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