School Of Life

Daara-J / Wrasse Records / 2010

When Africa is your homeland and Dakar your playground, when the soundtrack of your childhood mixes traditional Senegalese music with James Brown, when the explosive sounds of Public Enemy radically changes your musical vision the result is School of Life.

For Faada Freddy and N'Dongo D, Hip Hop came naturally to them, they began by rapping in their wolof dialect as Daara J, and the world was not able to resist them, they performed more than 1,000 concerts, opening for Wyclef Jean and Mos Def, headlining WOMAD and winning the BBC World Music Award.

Downsizing to just the two founding members, the project took the name of Daara J Family, fortified by a new creative spirit uniting New York, Dakar, Paris, and Kingston on a mesmerising musical journey which could only belong to them: "Celebrate" the powerful rant of "School of life", the tribal spirit of "Sun afreeca", the sultry languor of "Tomorrow".

Pulsating through the entire album like blood through a main artery are the rhythmic and hypnotic melodies of Africa.


CD1: 1. Bayi Yoon
CD1: 2. Celebrate
CD1: 3. Tomorrow
CD1: 4. Children
CD1: 5. Temps Boy
CD1: 6. Potu Nda
CD1: 7. Positif
CD1: 8. School Of Life
CD1: 9. Oh Why
CD1: 10. Sun Afreeca
CD1: 11. Gates Of Freedom

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